During the early part of February I didn’t have a desire to create a visual documentation of what was transpiring in front of my eyes. The whirlwind that engulfed our lives felt so close to the bare essence of my existence that, for the first time, I didn’t even think about making photographs. Life was stripped down to the basics of getting through a difficult time, step by step and minute by minute. It was my wife Skylar who brought me back to consciousness and suggested I document the process of her having emergency brain surgery to remove a mass and cyst. Once I snapped out of emergency mode, I was able to witness the experience in my most natural way - by creating art. With 48 hours notice our lives were suddenly changed and our home environment was replaced by a hospital setting. I chose to photograph the details that reflected the experience while capturing objects that uniquely define the hospital setting. The space, the care, the waiting, the silence. It all feels like a very odd dream.
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